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In this post, we will discuss some of our Wedding Design Tips for Kona, Hawaii Weddings and list some of the key elements and areas where incorporating your design really counts!

Choosing a design theme is one of the most impactful decisions you’ll make. Here are some key guidelines for making a wise decision:

Avoid Relying on the Latest Wedding Trends

You need to carefully select something that isn’t too trendy or you could find yourself look back at your photos and regretting it! (Think 1980s puff sleeves!)

For example, I am not a huge fan of the current disco balls trend for weddings (sorry my disco loving brides and grooms!). I love the idea for a birthday party or rehearsal dinner or your after party but for your wedding reception itself, I tend to filter everything we do through the perspective of time and look for things that will remain timeless.

That doesn’t mean boring or without innovation, it just means drawing on inspirations that are always beautiful and of high quality. If you rely on flowers and quality accents, your wedding will look just as beautiful 20+ years down the road.

Use Texture and Layering to add interest

I absolutely love texture in wedding design. Mixing elements and textures creates interest and makes sure your design has depth.

For example, if you are getting married in a venue that has a concrete floor, consider a linen for your tables instead of wood farm tables. This will break up some of the hardness and soften the space for a bit more romance. If you must have farm tables, add a soft flowy runner.

Additionally, layers are extremely important. This is especially true on your reception dinner place settings. Here is a list of our ideal place setting elements:

Charger Plate or Show Plate -This is a great place to add texture which could be glass, beaded, woven, etc.

Dinner Plate and/or Salad Plate -Without this on top, the charger looks unfinished but you can do a dinner plate without a charger and we do suggest this if you don’t find a charger you love.

Napkin -Another fantastic place to showcase texture and color. We have used organic fabrics, linen, velvet, patterns, etc.

Something written, such as a place card or menu -This doesn’t have to be paper! Think tile, shells, stone, leather, wood, etc! Use this as an opportunity to personalize your design and choose something that tells your story.

Something fresh like a touch of greenery or florals -This makes such a BIG impact and really ties the florals in the center of the table over to the settings.

Flatware -Decide on a metal color and order something custom if your venue only provides silver and you want gold. Or, if you are having an ultra modern wedding, you don’t want formal flatware with scrolled details so opt for something with a more modern shape and clean lines.

Glassware -We love a unique shape or colored glass. Think about what beverages you want served at the table to help you decide which glasses you’ll need. Remember shape matters just as much as color in dictating design – no two clear glass styles are the same!

-And, if it coordinates with the theme and colors, a small favor. We once did these gorgeous boxes from Big Island Candies tied with hand dyed silk ribbon from Adorn and they were so stunning! (Photo above)

It is important to thing outside of the dinner tables.

While the reception tables are definitely where your guests will be spending a lot of time, don’t neglect all the other key areas in the space. For an event, especially at an outdoor location which is like a blank canvas, every area and element matters.

Think about these other key design areas and what design elements you are going to include at each:

Ceremony Welcome Table/Water Station -This is one of the first things your guests will see and interact with. Make it beautiful and fun and you have set a positive tone for the entire day.

Reception Welcome Table -Post the ceremony, this might be where the guests sign a guestbook and find out their seating assignment. A beautiful linen, some florals and candles, and some custom signage takes this spot to the next level and let’s guests know what to expect on the tables ahead.

Bar -It is likely all your guests will visit this area at least once during the night, and some much more than that! Why not make it a beautiful and exciting place to be! A special lighting display, florals on the front or a beautiful architectural bar that is unique make this a special and inviting part of the event.

Cocktail Tables -It is important not to forget that guests will be having drinks and appetizers during your cocktail hour and may want a table to stand around and put something down on during this time.

I love to use a patterned or more bold linen on the highboy tables to attract guests to these spaces and keep them from sitting down at the reception tables too early.

Lounge -In addition to the cocktail tables, some seating for the cocktail hour is a both functional and an opportunity to infuse design. There are some many beautiful sofas, chairs, rugs, coffee tables, side tables, lights, and cushions that can be utilized to make this space an instagrammable moment for everyone!

Cake Table -Adding some personal touches here is one of my favorite things to do. As one of the last remaining traditional elements of a wedding, this moment is nostalgic.

A vintage plate or personalized hankie or heirloom cake cutting set adds so much charm to this space. And please don’t forget some florals on this table!

Buffet -While not the most glamorous part of the design, if you are having a buffet, ask your florist to include some loose greenery or blooms to spruce up this area.

I also encourage you to rent a custom linen or darker more neutral linen color (like a sage green or champagne) to help this table blend in rather than stand out in bright white. Aesthetically pleasing menu signs can also be a fantastic way to make this space more appealing!

DJ Table/Stage -This is another area that can be forgotten but a stark white or stark black DJ table cloth can stand out like a sore thumb. Use a matching linen and be sure this table is strategically placed so it doesn’t show up in all your reception photos. Read more about our opinion on DJ and live music set ups here.

Lighting – I cannot overemphasis the importance of quality and well planned lighting! It can make such a huge impact on the entire feeling of the event. There are so many options and types of lighting to choose from and this area definitely needs careful consideration!

I really prefer a more minimalist set up for a DJ and for a live band, be sure to add some florals and greenery to the stage to soften up all the black speakers and wire equipment as it is likely to be a focal point of the space.

Choose the Right Equipment Rental Vendor

In Kona, you won’t find more than 3-4 major event rental companies. It is therefore important to book this in early! One of our very favorites is Hawaii island Events. They have a wide selection of event rentals we often utilize for our designs. In fact, Hawaii Island Events has even more options than some vendors on Oahu!

So now that you know a little bit about all the elements that go into a fantastic wedding design, let us help you choose the right theme and get started!

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