Around here we are all about quality, not quantity. We focus on Planning luxury weddings at Stunning Hawaii locations with beautiful, personalized details. 


We believe planning a wedding at its very core is about family- the one you have now and the one you are newly creating. A wedding embarks you on a new chapter in life - your marriage - which will be one of the most significant chapters you'll experience. Keeping the significance of this occasion at the forefront of our minds guides our services with heart. It's our why.

Start your story right.

Let us help you begin this new chapter of your lives

with moments everyone can remember for a lifetime!


Vendor relationships

We work with the Island's Top Vendors, hiring the most outstanding professionals in all categories and maintain a strong professional relationship with them after years of working together. This translates to ease of communication as we know their offerings well. It can also mean priority for our clients as well as discounts we pass directly to you. We also don't try to wear too many hats and provide rentals, florals, cakes, or photography in-house. We know from experience that having an expert in each category yields the best result. 

We work with the best of the best.



We only Plan, Coordinate and Design for a very limited number of couples per year.  For our clients, that means higher quality service, quicker response times, and more regular and productive communication. We focus on what we do best - specializing in luxury events and clients needing a full service treatment. Through experience, we have earned the ability to be selective and serve our niche. We aren't chasing work or expanding our reach, we are focused on doing exactly what we love and do best. If you work with us, you can rest assured you will be our only clients that week.

Limited Events, Niche Focus



Our extraordinary designs are charmingly timeless yet refreshingly modern. We believe every celebration has a story to tell and we deeply value creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences and one-of-a-kind events through thoughtful decor. Over the years, many dozens of our weddings have been featured both online and in premier printed magazines. Design is our super-power!  

Known for our unique aesthetic 



We have 12 years of experience planning, coordinating and designing weddings on the Big Island. And, when we say 12 years, we really mean it. We didn't start as florists, photographers or venue managers or in another place. Planning and Coordinating on the Big Island is what we have always done and we excel at it. So, why does experience matter to you? First, because we have seen it all and know how to anticipate and importantly mitigate or correctly respond to any possible scenario. Additionally, we have curated a planning process specific to Hawaii that is efficient, effective, and enjoyable for you.

Over a Decade on the Big Island as Wedding Planners

What makes us different:

This is about you, so let's get right to the point.

We are here to help couples plan their ideal Hawaii Wedding whether it is a deluxe elopement at one of the island's gorgeous beaches or an extravagant affair at one of the top resorts. But there is more to it for us than just running a business. 

If you choose us, you are choosing experience, quality and design. You are choosing a highly knowledgable, established, intimate team that is mindful of the deeper meaning and purpose of each event. You are supporting a family business that is woman-owned and operated. We believe that love is love no matter what and we are honored to be bestowed with such an important job for our clients. 

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Two best friends started a wedding planning business in Kona, Hawaii combining their skills in business and arts. We didn't know what to expect but we gave it our all!



Our work ethic and designs took off and we became SUPER busy, faster than ever expected! We were now planning events with budgets well over $100K for some of the most demanding clientele. 



We learned a bit about work-life balance, stopped trying to take ALL the weddings, and moving forward limited the number of events we take in a year to give our clients the individualized attention they deserve.





Covid-19 gave us the opportunity to think deeply about how else we might be able to assist wedding couples.  We developed our extensive blog full of free Hawaii wedding advice and rebranded to better serve our niche. 






Living the dream! After 12 years, are still enjoying working closely with just an intimate number of couples. We get to do what we love and balance our time with our growing families as well!


This is what our journey really looked like...

it doesn't just happen overnight

The Chapter of Love has been recognized as innovators and creative trendsetters best known for our stunning and unexpected decor and exquisite attention to detail. Every one of our events is stylish, flawlessly executed and unforgettable. 

Filled with meaningful beauty, our wedding style takes the best inspirations of the past and adds a modern twist to create a timeless vision that has depth and personality. We enmesh romantic, refined elements with daring, eclectic pieces to create unique styles and fresh wedding designs that stand out and never feel generic. We pride ourselves on being artisans who treat your event as a living, beautiful piece of art. 

A Reputation as Design Innovators

12 years of unforgettable Hawaii Events

In addition to making sure your wedding is gorgeous and represents your personal style, we also have developed a formula for success for every event. After overseeing the "run of show" for hundreds of events. we have created our very own workflow for how to move through the planning with ease. Additionally, we pioneered an innovative Shared Portal to communicate all our updates with our clients. This portal was the first of it's kind on the islands and with years of experience it remains the best of its kind filled with specific, functional tools that are unique to our clients and the specific considerations of getting married on Hawaii Island. 

Flawless Execution


We pride ourselves on being a boutique and luxury Wedding Planning Company. As such, we dramatically limit the number of weddings we take in a year. This means we are able to maintain frequent and personal communication and provide progress updates to all our clients. It also allows us to be highly adaptive to your needs. Some of our clients prefer to have bi-monthly Teams meetings while others prefer text. Some want to be involved every step of the way and others prefer to provide what is necessary and trust us to go from there. Whatever your schedule and preferences allow, we accomodate you. 

Adaptive, Consistent and Prompt Communication


The Chapter of Love Experience

I live for the warm feelings of life - for real moments, slow-living, unapologetically prioritizing what I value, and following my dreams. I believe in the power of celebrating life's moments as a practice of gratitude. I am honored by my role in bringing together people with thoughtfulness, creating intimacy and joy for each and every guest, and curating beauty that sparks wonder.

As a mom-preneur, I am acutely aware of the value of time and the importance of this occasion for you and all your family. I'm here to make your lives easier and the planning of your wedding enjoyable so you can be present in every moment. At 38, I have life experience to bring. I have loved, I have lost, and I know deeply how special this time in your lives is. I also know what it takes to put together not only a successful but an unforgettable wedding experience and that's not something you can learn overnight.

A little bit more about me and my story. 

Rachael Mcaloon
Founder, owner, Event Planner + designer

The path that has brought me to the wedding industry has been unique - the best adventures are the ones full of plot twists, and I wouldn't have it any other way! My experiences enrich my work as a Wedding Planner in complimentary ways.

My years in Graduate School at the University of Oregon achieving my Masters in Global Studies have served me well by giving me many experiences traveling the globe and learning about other cultures, which still influence my unique and eclectic wedding style. Additionally, as a former manager of a Nonprofit helping children and families, I know how to communicate with lots of different types of people. 

Now as a mom, I have honed my practical skills on how to make things happen efficiently and be effective under pressure. I am inspired by my children's curiosity and the challenge of solving problems. I enjoy setting an example of following one's heart to pursue a career that inspires them.

After 12 years planning and coordinating weddings in Hawaii, I remain passionate about connecting with people, and about telling stories in a way that is aesthetically beautiful and deeply human; I needed every single part of my background to give me the skills and strengths I use to serve my clients and colleagues.

Fun fact: Malasadas are a Portuguese donut popular in Hawaii!

Both round and rectangle tables can be stunning and promote conversation if planned right.

We love a good cocktail but the revival of the champagne tower is such a fun photo op!













Our style, A few random facts...

We are here to help you on your Hawaii wedding journey! Learn about our Services, view our work on the Portfolio, or check out our extensive Blog packed with wedding planning advice and showcasing some of our real weddings. We also have a page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions! And, of course, reach out via phone or email at anytime so we can help you navigate this exciting time in your lives!

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