Our signature wedding services are designed for clients wanting comprehensive help bringing their Hawaii Destination Wedding to life.

Full Service Planning, Coordination and Design

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The core of our business is our detailed Wedding Planning, Wedding Coordination and Design Services. These services target each of the main categories necessary to execute a perfect wedding day. They can be mixed and matched however you like to create the combination that best suits your needs but, of course, all three is the most comprehensive option.  

Each of our Services are priced at a flat rate. We feel a flat rate allows greater transparency and confidence for couples when navigating all the expenses of a wedding ahead. No markups, commissions, hidden costs, or additional charges. Straight-forward, honest and upfront is our policy.

Having a Wedding Planner saves you countless hours and helps you manage your budget, timeline and all the critical finite details that lead to success. Planning a wedding on your own is not for the faint of heart. It might start out ok, but you will quickly realize the amount of communication, expertise, and time it takes can be overwhelming.  We can take away all the chaos so you retain all the fun. As soon as you hire us, we begin by suggesting and communicating your wants and needs with all the key vendors and plan every last detail until the big day.  Professional Wedding Planning yields the best result only years of experience can bring.
It is a must have.


Our Wedding Design Service is catered for couples who appreciate the finer details and special touches that create a wedding that is truly magical. Beyond just choosing flowers and basic decor, this service goes further and allows us the extra time needed to carefully curate a memorable wedding style that reflects your love story. Stationary, fine linens, favors, lounge furniture vignettes, custom lighting, unique florals, - you name it -we help make the entire day feel cohesive, interesting and well-styled


You don't want to be stressed and running around on your wedding day or asking you friends and family to either. This service is essential. Equivalent to what some call a "Month of Service", our Day of Coordinators review all your details a month in advance, conduct your wedding rehearsal, and are onsite for the entire wedding day making sure all the time and money invested in your event is well spent. A Day of Coordinator is like insurance for your investment and really contributes to how much you enjoy your day.


Pick Your Perfect Combo

when you want Transparent and Comprehensive Wedding Assistance

A specialized Planning asset to bring efficiency and peace of mind

Our Pioneered Online Wedding Planning Portal

Included with all Our Services:

We know our Wedding Planning and Coordination Services will make a huge difference in how enjoyable this important time in your lives is. We also know being organized and having regular communication with you and your vendors will bring a tremendous amount of peace of mind and calm your nerves as the wedding day approaches.


 This can be shared with however many participants you would like and can be accessed anywhere. This portal includes a ton of helpful tools made in-house to keep track of everything from music to flowers to equipment and beyond, all of which are specific to Hawaii Wedding needs. Built to satisfy any Type A personality, it also includes a helpful timeline of your personal to-dos such as when to send invitations, dress fittings, and when to do beauty appointments.

Our clients also love our Planning Steps Process Map which gives a visual guide to exactly how we will move through the Planning Process from what we will focus on first all the way through to completion. In fact, our portal has been so well-loved, other companies have tried to duplicate it, but without our longevity in the industry, theirs just don't give you the same depth. 


You actually enjoy your engagement, the planning process, and have the wedding of your dreams! Money well spent!

step five


We follow a curated Wedding Planning Workflow to stay organized. We communicate regularly according to your preferences: calls, email and texts. (No hourly limit!)

step four


Once we receive the signed contract and  retainer, we will send over our Portal of Helpful Tools, Preferred Vendors List and Questionnaire to get us started. 

step three


We will get back to you with a proposal or to schedule a chat to discuss the best fit for you. 

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Submit our contact form and let us know which combination of services you are interested in.

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How it works from start to finish

If you have ever hosted a dinner party, you have a bit of insight into the many elements that go into planning a successful event. Imagine that x 1,000!

With a wedding there are usually at least 12 different vendors involved and there are a number of elements requiring perfect timing. Add the pressure of this being one of the most important occasions of your lives and something you likely have never done before - and you have a recipe for stress!

Let's also not forget the multiple thousands of dollars you'll be investing into this day. Consider Wedding Planning and Coordination like insurance; you wouldn't leave other assets uncovered. Having our professional team on your side provides assurance your investment is a success. We bring the calm to the chaos so you can enjoy yourselves!

Why you need a Wedding Planner and Coordinator

It's a life long memory!

I am so happy I chose The Chapter of Love to help coordinate and design my wedding. I honestly can't think of a single thing I would have changed to make our special day more perfect, and that really is a true testament to Rachael's recommendations, vendor relationships, and attention to detail. They took the ideas I had and turned them into something truly magical“ 



They truly cared about making my wedding exactly what I envision, and showed it by going above and beyond in everything. They helped with every detail of the venue, decor, catering, scheduling, contracts, rehearsal and of course, day of coordination. From going back to our venue multiple times to make sure we had just the right location, finding a musician, scheduling appointments and making contracts to guiding us through our wedding day -they were amazing. There were so many little extra touches they did -that's how much they care! Our wedding was more beautiful than I could have imagined..."


"We decided to elope in Hawaii and have just a small group of guests attend but we still wanted the whole experience to be special and beautiful. Chapter of Love helped us plan and coordinate the day saving us so much stress! I didn't realize how much was involved in hosting a private dinner at an estate. They knew all the details to plan for that made the day smooth".


"You made our wedding the most memorable it could be...our guests are still talking about it and wish they could go back! Everything was so perfect! We got compliments that our wedding was absolutely stunning and right out of a magazine!"


Our carefully curated Lux Elopement Service is a hybrid of our Planning, Coordination and Design services tailored to fit the needs of events under 25 guests without sacrificing the quality every wedding deserves.

We know the very best vendors, the most private locations, the best time of day, and how to create a memorable, low-stress day with ease.

+ Suggestions for the Best, Most Private and Picturesque Hawaii Public Beach Ceremony Locations
+ The Required Beach Wedding Permit
+ Assistance obtaining your marriage license in Hawaii
+ Our Design Expertise and a Mood Board
+ A Wedding Day Timeline and any directions, maps, or details needed for you or your vendors
+ Our Professional Recommendations and Booking of any vendors you would like such as photographers, videographers, florists, officiants, musicians, transportation, catering, decor equipment, etc.
+And more! 

Please reach out so we can discuss all your options for a Micro-wedding with you and customize a service just for your needs!

What about elopements?

We love intimate, micro-weddings!

Elopement Inquiry

It can be overwhelming to decide what the best fit might be, especially in the early stages. We would be happy to have a chat with you to discuss your budget, needs and vision and make a customized recommendation. 

i can't decide which services are right for me.

How many weddings do you take a year?

Obviously, budgets can vary widely in Hawaii. Some of the major factors influencing costs are: guest count, venue, type of catering, number of hours of photography, decor vision, etc. We recommend you check out our completely free Budget Planning blog post including free tools and real estimates for Hawaii Weddings at a variety of locations to help you decide if a destination wedding in Hawaii is right for you. If we had to put a number on it.... estimate about $1,000 per person but reach out to us to discuss further and we can let you know if what you have in mind is realistic.  

How much is a Hawaii Destination Wedding?

We communicate with all the vendors on your behalf. However, when it comes to signing the actual contracts and making payments to them, you will do this direct. It is just cleaner for everyone and makes certain the contracted services or items are due to you directly. And, it assures you there are no hidden markups!

do i sign contracts and pay vendors or do you?

Our services are designed as fixed, flat rate costs. We do not work on commissions, percentages or markups. We prefer to work directly for our clients with their best interest in mind. So, instead of marking things up, we often work to save you money where we can.

We also do not work on an hourly rate so there isn't a limit on our time or a clock we are watching -we do whatever we need to make sure the day is perfect. Sometimes wedding tasks can be done in a very brief phone call, particularly when we know the vendors and their services so well. We don't want to over charge you for that. Other times we may need to go back and forth with a vendor getting things just right or negotiating on your behalf. You shouldn't have to pay by the hour for us to be advocating for you. 

Are there any additional planning fees or costs?

don't worry, we have the answers!

You might have some questions

This is a great question to ask any potential wedding planner. With us, you can rest assured we take only a very limited number of events per year so we can honor the significance of every single one. We don't try to do it all ourselves  (rentals, cakes, flowers)!  We do what we do best: provide highly professional and personalized Wedding Services. As an intentionally boutique company, our maximum number is 25 per year. We could take many more, but we protect the integrity of our service and try to stay true to our niche.

Let's work together to make your Big Island Wedding spectacular!

Oh we are so stoked! Stay on the lookout, we will be in touch soon!