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No. There are a few wedding elements you will need to be responsible for on your own including your flights, accomodations, attire, rings, etc. We mostly deal with the vendors directly involved on the wedding day. However, we are more than happy to point you in the direction of travel agents and concierge that can assist with these additional bookings if desired.

Great question! We encourage you to ask how long a company has been in business and whether all those years were as Wedding Planners and Coordinators. We also encourage you to note how busy a business is and ask them how many events they take a week.  If they are willing to take more than one wedding a weekend, even with a large team, remember that means they might be scrambling for 2nd and 3rd choice vendors since they may have already committed the best to another event that weekend. Ask if they have a specialization or take whatever work they can get. Ask how many years of experience each of their team members have. Find out as much as you can about their actual fees. If done hourly, they may answer this vaguely and you could end up paying more than you expected. If they work on commissions, they may be marking each vendor up by 20% or more. 

Do you book my accomodations, rental car, flights, etc. too?

What should I ask a wedding planner before hiring them? 


The Planning Service covers all the vendors related to the Wedding Day itself. Additionally, we definitely do conduct your Wedding Rehearsal as part of the Day of Coordination Service. However, if you envision needing help with the planning and execution of additional large scale events, then we do have special pricing for adding on those additional events. We do this frequently so please do inquire and we can put together a package for you.

Do you also plan my Welcome Party or Rehearsal Dinner as part of the Planning Service? 


You might. It is helpful when a client has a clear vision of what they want their wedding day to look like. However, there are still a LOT of details that go into bringing that to life. If you do envision a lot of decor elements, the Design Service is highly recommended. If Design isn't that important to you and you are happy to keep things more simple, you may not. Let's discuss! You can also always start with the Planning and Coordination Service and add Design later if you are initially unsure. 

I already know exactly what I want my wedding to look like. Do I need the Design Service?


Yes, when possible we negotiate discounts for you and when vendors provide us discounts we pass those on to you directly. This is one of the HUGE benefits of our Flat Rate Service Pricing. There are no markups, commissions, or hidden discounts we aren't sharing - just transparent, clear and honest pricing so we can advocate for you.

Do you get any discounts from vendors I can benefit from?


Hawaii Island is constantly growing and rapidly becoming the Island of choice for its diversity, beauty and luxury amenities. Please explore our page on some of the top Big Island Attractions to see a small example of the possibilities. The Kona Airport is easily accessible and there is ample transportation options available on island.

Will the Big Island offer my guests enough activities and amenities? 


Absolutely yes. I know it might sound like the same thing  but honestly, our roles are very different. A hotel coordinator will be primarily focused on the hotel's interest and details. They are really experts in Sales and Food and Beverage Catering, not specifically wedding details. They don't work directly for you as we do and they are often VERY overworked doing hundreds of events a year so you just can't expect the kind of personalized and in depth service we provide from them. 

Do I need a Wedding Coordinator and Planner if the resort already has one?


Yes! We have been requested a number of times to provide our Services on Maui, Oahu and Kauai and do have experience with events on all those islands, particularly Oahu. Please get in touch so we can create a custom package for your outer-island event!

Do you offer your services on the other Hawaiian Islands?


It depends. If you envision a casual beach ceremony and a simple dinner at a restaurant afterwards, then no. However, if you envision a private venue and a more private, full reception, then yes. There are still a lot of vendors required for even a small event and there are many special considerations to be aware of at a private venue. Contact us and we can discuss what is best for you.

I only have 25 guests (or less) do I need the Full Service option?


The Planning Service is focused on identifying your needs, hiring the appropriate vendors to execute those needs, organizing all the details, creating the timeline, and assisting with budget management. Design allows us to go into more depth on the finer aesthetic details. For example, instead of just hiring a florist for you and conveying your basic needs, we dive deep into coming up with the concepts, colors, selections, and specifics of how the flowers will relate to the entire event.

What is the difference between the Planning and the Design Service?

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